Entering Canada

Days 2-4 - Chicago to Edmonton

On the second day of our journey, we began our first of many long drives, focused on accumulating miles and covering distance on our way to Alaska. The following three nights, we found ourselves in Fargo, North Dakota, Regina, SK, and Edmonton, Alberta. We threw ourselves in at the deep end after a comfortable night in Chicago by doing something new for both of us, couch-surfing in Fargo. Luckily for us, our host was a kind and generous father with six adorable kids who welcomed us immediately. Unluckily for us, our bodies were not accustomed to sleeping on couched this early on in the trip. Little did we know, we’d miss those couches while sleeping in the back of the car weeks ahead. Although the first few days were mostly about driving, we did find time to make a small detour for a cultural stop found on Atlas Obscura. This brought us to the small town of Kipling for lunch and a viewing of the world’s largest red paperclip. The clip represents the inspiring story of a man who completed multiple trades to gain ownership of a house from a single red paperclip. At this point, we were looking forward to a rest day in Edmonton and a break from the unchanging straight roads ahead of us.

Pete Mel