Saying Goodbye to Valparaiso

Day 1 - Valparaiso, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois

 It was a nerve-racking morning the day we left Valparaiso, Indiana for Chicago.  We packed the car (Harry) to the brim plus a little extra thanks to Mr Hensley!  We’d been eagerly awaiting this day for almost two years but come departure time it was quite an emotional feeling as we said our goodbye’s.

To ease our way into the journey we began with the familiarity of Chicago.  Mel lived, studied and worked here for a number of years and this was the first place Pete visited in the United States.  It was also the location where the two of us first met in person back in 2011.  We only had one full evening to enjoy the City so we used our time to wander the streets as tourists and visited the iconic Bean (Cloud Gate).  Walking outside in the summer heat was thirsty work so after visiting the beach we cooled off at our traditional drinking venue Timmy’s. 

Pete Mel