Day 5 - Edmonton

We arrived in Edmonton in the early evening.  The Airbnb we had booked had a mixture of short and long term tenants.  We, for example were only popping in for 2 nights, whereas Pixie and her young daughter seemed to be living there indefinitely (based on their fully decorated room).  And there was a smattering of continual comings and goings throughout our stay. 

We had one full day to explore Edmonton and also have a well-earned break from the road.  Eager to make the most of it we planned to spend the day on foot but then discovered an historic High Level Streetcar to take us from the suburbs into Downtown Edmonton.  The ride was a real treat, mostly because of the elderly tour guide/conductor whose blend of wit and knowledge taught us about the history of the City.  We then explored on foot for an hour or so.  Both of us have experience of living in and visiting different cities and are used to there being a unique flair to the people who call them home.  Edmonton was no exception, here the people were certainly a different breed (eg, the guy who couldn’t resist stopping to dance on the way home with his shopping and had to momentarily put his bags down to do so).  We stopped for lunch before walking back to our accommodation.   It was about a 3 mile walk and offered splendid views of the Cityscape. 

 Walking around all day was thirsty work so we ended our stay with an evening at Situation Brewery for pizza and beer, the perfect place to reflect on the days activities.

Pete Mel