Welcome to Barrow (Eventually!)

Day 16

 …We awoke in Anchorage.  The Anchorage that is South of Denali National Park.  That Anchorage.  Incredibly, our flight got diverted away from Barrow just a few feet from the runway.  After much stress and persuasive discussion we talked the airline into putting us up for the night in a nearby hotel.  We were booked on the next flight to Barrow.  In the meantime we had a birthday to celebrate!  Mel’s 30th may not have been quite to plan but at least this way she was able to celebrate with a proper breakfast (courtesy of Alaska Airlines).  She also had a Mimosa at the airport as we finally made it back to Barrow a day later than scheduled.  We lost the tour we had booked but we still had time to explore the most northern city in the United States by foot, and dipped our fingers in the Arctic Ocean.

Pete Mel