Days 17–20

What goes up must come down.  We had to make our way back to Fairbanks, retracing our steps along the Dalton Highway.  Once in Fairbanks, we had a couple of rest days and became true tourists for a little while.  On one day we visited Chena Hot Springs where we relaxed in the naturally hot springs that gave the resort its name.  This was much needed after spending a little too much time in the Ice Museum!  Our other main excursion in Fairbanks was to board the Discovery Steamboat, taking a tour down river to get a glimpse into the native way of life.  The tour included a pilot taking off and landing on the river, a dogsled demonstration (a personal favourite of ours) and visiting an original Native Indian village.  Sadly, the only thing we missed out on was witnessing the Northern Lights.  Maybe next time.

Pete Mel