Australian Football

5th April 2019 - AFL, Melbourne Football Club (Demons) 112-130 Essendon Football Club (Bombers) - Attendance, 52,475

Our friend Rachel took us to an AFL game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. It was handy having someone on hand who knew the rules as we tried to get our heads around the concept of this sport. We were supporting Essendon and they secured a much needed win after a slow start to the season. We were informed that the final score was considered quite high for a typical game, and were treated to most of the points being scored down our end of the field.

We warmed up for the game by being trained with youtube videos of past classic matches by our Airbnb host, Nick. With this knowledge in our back pockets and a lot of help from Rachel we really enjoyed the match. The basic object of the game is to outscore your opponent. You can do this by earning 6 points by kicking the ball between the posts (a goal), or 1 point for a ‘behind’ which is when the ball passes between the goal post or a behind post or indeed if it hits the post. It’s not as complicated as I’ve just poorly described it.

Pete Mel