Duck Racing

21st July 2017 - Duck Racing, Porter County Sate Fair, Indiana, USA - Attendance, (30-40 including a couple of overly eager duck racing enthusiasts)

Definitely one of the more obscure 'sports' that we have managed to add to our catalogue.  We were passing by at the local fair as the duck racing was about to begin so decided to sidle on over and take a look.  Members of the crowd were asked to volunteer to come forward and were then handed a duck to hold.  On the duck whistle they were to release their duck and cheer him/her to reach the finish line as quickly as possible (a mere few metres away) by splashing and shouting encouragements (eg, go on duck!).  Some volunteers were a lot more eager than others with one old lady in particular so keen on getting her turn that it was as if she'd rolled back the years and became a child again when she was finally picked.  In truth, we are not all that sure that there is too much skill involved, if the duck wanted to glide across the water it would regardless as to the amount of support it received.

Pete Mel