4th October 2015 - Conker Championships - Attendance, (not known but a local newspaper reported a World Record was broken in terms of participants at +400 people)

Always eager to experience something new we excitedly descended upon Hampstead Heath, London in the summer of 2015 to try our hand and observe others at the Conker Championships.  An afternoon geared mostly towards a younger audience nevertheless left us feeling honoured to be a part of such a great traditional British pastime.  Days later a local newpaper insisted the World Record for participants had been broken.  According the the article 395 people had set a new record a couple of years previously and on this occasion Paul Maskell, the Heath’s leisure and events manager and “conkermeister”, said: “We had a quick look at how many were there and it was well over 400.”  If having a 'quick look' isn't enough to confirm a new record then we don't know what is!


Pete Mel