In total, our journey will see us cover more than 20,000 miles.  Those miles will be covered in the form of a car for USA and Canada, followed by public transport and an organised tour in Central America.  We'll then switch briefly to a boat as we are forced to detour around the Darien Gap and then back to public transport via a couple of volunteer stops in South America along the way to our ultimate goal of Ushuaia, Argentina.  Below is a slightly more detailed breakdown of the path we expect to take.

1)      4,000 mile drive from our start point in Valparaiso, Indiana to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (the most Northern Settlement in USA accessible by road).

2)      4,000 mile drive from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Las Vegas, Nevada

3)      Cross the border into Mexico, Belize and Guatemala via public transport (approx. 3,000 miles)

4)      2,000 mile tour from Guatamela to Panama (via El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica) 

5)      Panama to Colombia by sea (there is no accessible route through via land)

6)      Colombia to Ecuador via public transport (approx. 1,200 miles)

7)      2 weeks Volunteering at Mesaronia Animal Sanctuary

8)      Ecuador to Le Paz, Boliva (via Peru) (approx. 2,000 miles)

9)      One month volunteering with Bolivia Digna Foundation in Cochabamba, Bolivia

10)    Bolivia to Ushuaia, Argentina (via Chile) (approx. 3,300 miles).