4th May 2019 – Tasmania National Premier League (Tier 2) – Devonport City 1-1 Hobart Zebras - Attendance, N/A

With no A-League games fitting into our Australia road trip schedule, we instead dipped into the second tier to find a match. We found ourselves at the small community stadium at the Valley Road Ground to see top of the table Devonport take on Hobart Zebras. The home team were the favourites but fell behind early on after a horrific mistake by the City centre-back as his short back pass was picked off and slotted into an empty net.

The second half onslaught duly came and the equaliser just after the hour mark was greeted by the sound of car horns by the many onlookers that had parked up by the side of the pitch to watch the game from the comfort of their own vehicle.

Pete Mel