19th April 2015 - National Division (Tier 1) - FC Differdange 2-1 Jeunesse Canach - Attendance, 405.

On an unseasonably warm April afternoon, we took our place in the stands to see if FC Differdange could keep their fading title hopes alive.  The crowd was sparse, and made up mostly of Mum's and their kids, and people who clearly knew the players on a more personal level than your usual English Premier League game (we're thinking, girlfriends and family members).  The amount of pet dogs on display almost matched the human population in the stands.

The game was of a lot higher standard than we'd envisaged, with both teams more than capable to zip the ball around to feet on an immaculate surface.  Each time a goal was scored we were treated to a wonderful rendition of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' theme tune by the ground's speaker system.  

The ground was unique in that it only had one stand that hugged the side of the touchline, and a railway line up on a hillside behind one of the goals allowed for local's to get a free view if preferred (which a couple of older villagers duly did). 

FC Differdange did win the game, but only after recovering from the shock of going behind to an early goal.  Sadly for them, they'd run out of steam over the last couple of games of the season, languishing 7 points off of the top of the table.

Pete Mel