Republic of Ireland

Republic of Ireland

29th April - 2nd May 2014

Our first ever trip away together was a short, impromptu journey to Republic of Ireland.  This spur of the moment adventure saw us make up our itinerary as we went along.  On the first morning we set off early from our home in London, walked to the bus station, took a bus to the train station, and then a train to Holyhead, Wales.  From here we took a ferry across what was surely the calmest the Irish Sea had ever been, until we arrived in Dublin that same day.  Just getting from home to our destination was an adventure in itself, and has helped to form the way we have planned many of our trips since.  The holiday doesn't start when you arrive at the destination, it starts the second you close the front door to your house.  

On arrival in Dublin we hadn't even booked any accomodation, but once this had been taken care of we then grabbed a bite to eat and used the limited time we had here wisely - drinking Guinness and watching live music (a personal highlight being a version of popular Irish Folk song 'The Rattlin' Bog').  

From Dublin we rented a car and headed for the West Coast, staying for a couple of nights in Killarney.  This base allowed us a day of hiking in Killarney National Park and also time to get away for a few hours to drive the Ring of Kerry and the Dingle Peninsula.  Part of driving Dingle took us up and over Conor's Pass where the weather fittingly deteriorated as we slalomed through the narrow, windy roads.  Each day we'd take in one incredible view after another, and then each evening we'd drink Guinness and listen to more local music.  It was the perfect mini-trip, and as ever with Ireland, it always leaves you wanting more.

Pete Mel