The Last Leg

Days 173 - 176

The last leg of our incredible journey required only three more bus journeys. Granted, three more incredibly long bus journeys, but at last our end goal of Ushuaia was in sight.

First, a 19 hour drive to the fairly unassuming seaside resort of Puerto Madryn. Due to political protests in Buenos Aires we very nearly almost missed our departure time, but after jumping between an Uber and two taxis we made it with minutes to spare.

Next was an overnight bus to Rio Gallegos. The trip was supposed to take another 19 hours, but after delays leaving the terminal our bus then broke down (the first such instance of the entire trip), and after having to switch buses a couple of times we eventually limped into our destination after 4 hours late. It was tough going, but we now faced just one more journey.

Our 28th and final bus took a little over 12 hours, dipped into Chile and back out to Argentina again, before pulling us into Ushuaia , our final destination of a journey that saw us pass through 16 countries. We did it!

Pete Mel