Estancia, Camping and Buenos Aires

Days 158 - 172

The main segment of our second Dragoman trip saw us drive across the north of Argentina and onto Bueno Aires. During this time we camped the majority of the time (occasionally wild, with no facilities) and this really brought the group together as we worked in teams to prepare meals and pack away our belongings each morning that it was time to move on. Many evenings were spent drinking a lot of red wine, with many mornings spent regretting drinking a lot of red wine.

We took a break from camping for a couple of nights in Salta, where we were taken out for some ridiculously large and extremely tasty Argentinian steaks. From here it was back to camping in Cafayate and an excellent day of tasting the regions local wines.

Perhaps one of the highlights of our Argentinian stretch of the journey was a night camping on the edge of a salt flat. With light pollution down to a minimum we were able to venture out into the middle of the flats to star gaze before returning to base to gather around the fire (once the incredible surprise attack of mosquito’s had subsided).

Our last stop before hitting the capital city was a three night stay at an Estancia. Here, we were again treated to copious amounts of red wine by night, which was a perfect way to close a daytime of hiking and horse riding.

Our Dragoman tour came to an end in Buenos Aires. Here, we attended a River Plate football match, went for the obligatory group leaving meal and ended our last night on Dragoman dancing away at La Bomba de Tiempo. The following morning we’d once again we’d be on own, the shift from travelling in a group to having to figure everything out for ourselves again is on a very small level a little traumatising, so we gave ourselves an extra couple of nights in Buenos Aires to gather out thoughts before once again heading south.

Pete Mel