Onwards to Lima

Days 132 - 137

An overnight bus took us across the border from Ecuador to Peru and down into Lima. After getting caught up in some nonsense at the border (we almost missed our bus after getting dragged into a back room where we were processed for passing by a trainee who didn’t have a clue what he was doing or how to use the computer system), and staring blankly at never ending desert for hours on end we finally made it to the capital city.

We spent 5 nights in Lima, after 28 hours on a bus we didn’t feel much like moving on again for a few days. It also allowed us time to work out how best to navigate the rest of Peru and cross over into Bolivia before joining our second Dragoman tour. More importantly, Mel needed to acquire a visa in advance of the border so we took the time to fill in the necessary paperwork and visit the Bolivian Embassy on a couple of occasions. In between these trips we found time to take in a couple of historical walking tours and generally just enjoyed immersing ourselves and people watching as we wandered the city.

Finally, on our last night we ended with a trip to Parque de la Reserva to witness a fantastic light and fountain show.

Pete Mel