Ending our tour in Panama City

Days 87 - 95

It took us an incredibly long time to get across the Costa Rica/Panama border, but then it was just a short drive to regroup in the picturesque town of Boquete, before moving on to spend a night with a small island community inside Chagres National Park. Here, we were fed a meal of rice and fish and were treated to an evening of dance and singing by the local children. Before leaving this beautiful area a local guide took us out on boats and across to trek a small part of the Camino Real, during which time we were given a detailed history lesson of historic trade route and the pirates that fought over it.

Our last sightseeing stop as a group was at the iconic Panama Canal where we spent an hour or so watching a couple of huge ships pass through. From here it was time for one last dinner as a group and then to say goodbye to the new friends we have made. Some people would be flying home, others moving on to a new tour in South America. For us, we’d have a couple of days in Panama City to relax in our own private Airbnb, explore the CIty on foot and attend a Panamanian football match. Then it’d be time to island hop over to Colombia with a new group of people.

Pete Mel