Costa Rica

Days 78 - 86

Due to the Nicaragua situation we now had more time in Costa Rica than previously expected. This wasn’t the worst place to be by any means as over the next few days we managed to squeeze in a number of really cool activities across several different locations. We spent a few nights in the beach resort of Tamarindo where we mostly ate and drank too much but did take one evening off to go and witness turtles nesting in the wild.

Moving on from the coast and onto higher grounds we took a couple of interesting rainforest tours to try to see some of the local wildlife (that pesky elusive sloth was finally spotted, if a little blurry and distant). We also tried out paddle boarding for the first time and completed another zip-line (that came with a couple of lines you could do in ‘superman’ pose) and a tarzan jump in order to get our adrenaline fix. Once all the excitement was over it was back to the beach for the last couple of days where we’d divide our time between riding the waves and checking the local capuchin monkeys were not stealing our belongings.

Pete Mel