Days 100 - 107

After a few days at sea, we spent the next week or so continuing south, using local buses and staying in major cities. After a night in forgettable Capurgana (billed as a travellers paradise but in truth rather dirty and noisy) we took another boat out and then picked up a bus south to Medellin. WIth our one full day here we took to the skies (in the form of a cable car) to check out some of the more notorious neighbourhoods and then we went out for Christmas!

Despite it being early December, the festive season was now in full swing and the Colombians sure do love their decorations and lights. We visited a local theme park that evening and were in awe at the light display on show.

From Medellin to Bogota via two ubers (the latter of which unfortunately ran over Pete’s foot) and a very long bus journey. In Bogota we found time for a very educating walking tour of the City and were also taken out to dinner by Pete’s friend William and his wife. William kindly recommended a town or two for us to visit on our way to the Ecuadorian border and the next morning we took his advice and jumped on a bus to Popayan.

Popayan boasts a beautiful centre made up of white-washed colonial buildings and yet another beautifully decorated square for Christmas. We enjoyed a wonderful Italian meal there too, and on our second night were amazed to run into a few of our friends from the Dragoman trip at that very restaurant. It seems we’d been following a similar path through Colombia so we enjoyed one last meal together before soldiering on alone. Next stop would be the border town of Ipiales, and then onto Ecuador and a stint at volunteering.

Pete Mel