Days 76 - 77

Sadly, due to recent civil unrest in Nicaragua it was deemed too unsafe to stick to our original itinerary and for the most part we were forced to pass straight through Nicaragua and onto Costa Rica. On the plus side, we’d get an extra few days to explore in the latter country and to be frank we were just relieved that the journey could still be made and our plan to make it all the way south without flying would not be disrupted.

We did make one scheduled stop in this beautiful country though, a stay in the border town of Somoto. Here we were treated like royalty, with a couple of wonderful meals of rice, beans and chicken. We also took a day excursion out to Somoto Canyon where for a couple of hours we were able to serenely drift downstream through the canyon. Well, at least it was serene at times, when our backsides were not being bashed against the bottom of the river as we bounced over a series of rocks. There were also a couple of large jumps to be made by the more daring in the group, we chickened out on anything over 8 metres, but even that was enough to give us a thrill for the day.

We did have one full day of looking out of Betsy’s windows as we passed through Nicaragua, and all this served to do was show us just what we were missing, the scenery we were skipping by induced feelings of longing and jealousy among the group that we were unable to stop and explore further.

Pete Mel