Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Days 59 - 63

From one lake to another as we left Flores behind and headed to Lake Atitlan. To get there we were required to take an overnight bus to Guatemala City, followed by a shuttle to Panajachel via Antigua. The entire journey took over 12 hours to complete but it would prove to be well worth the wait once we made it to our destination. Panajachel is just one of a few towns situated on the lake and we’d soon fall in love with it. Here, there’s a healthy balance of locals dressed in traditional garments and ex-pats frequenting the bars along the main road. We’d spend the majority of our time toing and froing between the bar and our accommodation using the abundance of tuk-tuks on offer to ferry us around. Indeed, our landlord here was a tuk-tuk driver himself and when not giving us a ride, he’d suggest things for us to do. One such activity was for us to take a day exploring some of the other towns at various ports around the lake. Each town had it’s own distinct vibe to it, one was full of market stalls selling fruits and chicken (with flies attached), another was more arty and one place settlement to attract all the hippy people from around the world who would spend their days meditating along the shore. The few days spent here would go on to be one of our favourite destinations in the entire trip.

Pete Mel