Joining Dragoman and onto El Salvador

Days 64-67

We took a shuttle back to Antigua and filled our time with a drunken evening at a London themed pub and a tour of a coffee plantation (the perfect hangover cure) before meeting our Dragoman buddies. This 17 strong group of people would see us all the way through to Panama City over the course of the next 28 days. Some of these guys had been together since Anchorage, Alaska but we were soon welcomed into the group. Our mode of transport for the next month would be ‘Betsy’ a converted American school bus (used primarily for safety reasons in this part of the world). After a couple of days in Antigua we took on our first border crossing with our new team and before long we were now in El Salvador.

We’d spend only 2 nights in this country, in the small town of Suchitoto where we’d rest at a community centre run by Sister Peggy. For over 30 years, Sister Peggy, originally from USA, has been running projects to allow local children free access to art, music and books and our arrival would help to fund these projects further.

Our main excursion whilst in El Salvador was to head out to the small settlement of Cinquera for a guided hike through the hills where the guerrilla movement hid during the civil war here (often with their families) in the 80’s and 90’s.

Pete Mel