Days 68 - 75

In total, we spent about a week in Honduras. After getting our cultural fix at another Mayan Ruin (this time at the Copan Ruins, where the main highlight were the several wild macaws that called this place home) and our adrenaline fix via a zip-lining course over the wonderful Honduran canopy, we spent a few days relaxing on the island of Roatan. Part of the reason we spent so long here was due to a re-shuffling of the itinerary that was deemed necessary due to the political unrest that was occurring up ahead in Nicaragua. On the plus side it gave us plenty of time to work on our tan, drink in the many beach side bars, and try our hand at some more snorkelling and kayaking.

Soon, it was back to the mainland and a night in San Pedro Sula (the murder capital of the world as recently as 2016), for a night in (for obvious reasons) and games with the group.

The last two days in Honduras were spent creeping our way towards the Nicaraguan border, with a couple of nights stop at some beautiful hilltop locations and an exhilarating waterfall tour thrown in for good measure.

Pete Mel