Mexico City

Days 42-45

Mexico City is phenomenal.  The whole City functions but it functions in the form of organized chaos.  We loved it and threw ourselves into our 4 days here starting with a trip to the Azteca Stadium for a top flight Mexican Soccer game.  Unbeknownst to us our tickets included free food and drinks which we took full advantage of (we paid for it in the form of a huge hangover the next day).  To complete our sporting fix we spent an evening at Arena Mexico to watch Lucha Libre, the immensely popular form of Mexican Wrestling.  It perfectly mixed a blend of athletic flips and set pieces with some timely comedic moments to entertain a very passionate crowd of Mexicans, many of whom were sporting their favourite wrestler’s masks.  Other activities here included an excellent walking tour of the historical district and sampling some of Mexico City’s delicious street food in the form of tacos before heading to the famous El Moro for churros.  We also found time for a day excursion to the ancient City of Teotihuacan and reveled in climbing the once sacred pyramids.  In between all this, whenever we needed a little time to recuperate our welcoming host Javier at La Selva Hotel was always on hand to offer us a place of refuge and advice for navigating the City.

Pete Mel