Las Vegas

Days 33-36

Our last stop in USA (or so we thought!).  We upgraded from a stationary RV without a flushable toilet to a much more luxurious break in one of the hotels just two blocks from the main strip in Las Vegas.  Here we would be meeting Mel’s parents who had kindly offered to take the car off our hands and drive it back to Indiana.  We gave the car a huge once over beforehand, changing the oil, rotating the tires and giving him a much needed bath. 

Las Vegas was everything we expected it to be and more.  Mel had been before, but this was the first time that Pete had got to experience the ridiculously over indulging habits of those that visit.  We did our best to sample a few different elements whilst sticking to our budget as best we could.  We took part in the obligatory gambling, ate at way too many good restaurants and got to experience complimentary tickets to a show (The Beatles LOVE by Cirque de Soleil).  On top of this we finally got to experience our hot air balloon ride, cancelled due to bad weather in Seattle but completed under perfect conditions in Vegas.  The only downside was having to be rescued by the ground crew after a crash landing on the side of a mountain.  The day before leaving we took the short drive out to Hoover Dam, a very impressive sight.

Pete Mel