Disaster on the Buses

Days 37-41

A bit of a disaster occurred. We planned to be in Mexico on day 39 but due to a string of issues with our bus company that are too long and painful to revisit here (Greyhound, you are a disgrace) we had to change our final destination and didn’t arrive until 4 days after we’d set off from Las Vegas. Part of this time we spent in a very rundown part of San Bernardino, California, (prostitutes on every street corner, that kind of place) but at least it gave us time to plan ahead. Eventually we left but the problems with Greyhound continued. It wasn’t until we finally crossed over into Mexico that things changed and it was plain sailing all the way into Mexico City. The bus network here is incredible. We hunkered down for a solid 24 hours on the same bus until we finally arrived at our destination.

Pete Mel