Flores, Guatemala

Days 56-58

A very shifty looking overnight bus dropped us at the tiny island settlement of Flores in Guatemala.  Flores is surrounded by an extremely picturesque lake (with just a narrow causeway as the only access and exit point to and from the mainland).  We jumped right in and rented kayaks for a couple of hours, picking up a pretty decent sunburn in the process.  Our main excursion here was a day trip for a guided tour of Tikal, an ancient Mayan ruined City which had long been enveloped by the rainforest ever since it was abandoned centuries OK.  Aside from the impressive ruins we also saw some a pack of Coati (part of the raccoon family), spider monkeys, a toucan, wild turkeys and plenty of bugs and fire ants.  Evenings in Flores were relaxing with plenty of lakeside restaurants and bars (albeit mostly empty ones due to it being the off-season) to enjoy and take refuge from the regular storms that frequent the area.

Pete Mel