Heading West to Alaska

Days 6 – 11

 Over the next few days we steadily made our way north and west towards Alaska.  As we crossed into British Colombia the scenery changed from flat, straight roads surrounded by farmland to much more scenic, windy roads with rugged mountain ranges in the distance.  We passed through Fort St John and Fort Nelson, stopping only to eat and sleep.  At Watson Lake we visited Signpost Forest, a collection of over 77,000 signs started by a homesick US soldier back in 1942.  As we made our way deeper into British Colombia and passed on into Yukon we started to see some incredible wildlife at the side of the roads.  Along with deer, moose and caribou we also saw a large herd of 40-50 bison crossing the road.  The absolute highlight though was observing our first bear who was so content to be searching for food that we were able to watch him from our car for over 20 minutes without him noticing.

On into Alaska we went, stopping at Tok for the night.  Here we camped in perhaps our most unique accommodation of the trip so far, a converted woodstove.  Despite the temperature now dropping we were remarkably snug and warm inside. 

Pete Mel